5 Connecticut Towns People Are Fleeing As Soon As Possible

Connecticut boasts a rich history, picturesque landscapes, and a high standard of living, but not all of its towns share the same allure for both residents and visitors. Some communities grapple with challenges like high crime rates, subpar education, limited economic opportunities, and environmental issues, prompting an exodus of residents seeking better living conditions. Here’s a look at five Connecticut towns experiencing a notable departure of residents.


As Connecticut’s largest city, Bridgeport faces significant challenges, ranking as one of the most dangerous places in the state. In 2020, it reported the highest violent crime rate, with 1,338 incidents per 100,000 residents, according to the FBI. The city also contends with a 19.4% poverty rate and a median household income of $46,266. Ongoing fiscal challenges and state oversight since 2018 have contributed to an outflow of residents in search of safer and more prosperous communities.


Hartford, the state capital and fourth-largest city, grapples with economic struggles, boasting a poverty rate of 28.3% and a median household income of $36,278. The city narrowly avoided bankruptcy in 2017 through a state bailout. High crime rates, ranking second in the state for violent crime in 2020, further drive residents to seek better opportunities and living conditions elsewhere.


As the fifth-largest city in Connecticut, Waterbury faces distress, marked by a 22.3% poverty rate and a median household income of $44,839. Deindustrialization, unemployment, and urban decay have plagued the city for decades, leading to its designation as a distressed municipality since 1995. A high crime rate, ranking third in the state for violent crime in 2020, has contributed to an exodus of residents seeking improved prospects and quality of life.

New Haven

New Haven, the second-largest city, grapples with fiscal difficulties, social unrest, and political instability, resulting in a poverty rate of 24.4% and a median household income of $42,761. Ranked as one of the worst-run cities in America, New Haven reported a high crime rate, ranking fourth in the state for violent crime in 2020. Many residents have chosen to relocate for a more stable and secure environment.


A small city in the northwest corner of Connecticut, Torrington faces environmental challenges. With a high rate of air pollution, ranking as the 12th worst city in the nation for ozone levels, and water pollution from contaminated sites, Torrington grapples with a declining population of 34,538 and a low median household income of $51,249. The environmental hazards and health risks have prompted residents to flee for safer surroundings.


While Connecticut holds numerous attractions, certain towns are witnessing a decline in appeal and residents. Persistent issues such as crime, poverty, economic struggles, pollution, and decay have prompted many to seek refuge in other towns that offer a higher level of safety, prosperity, and overall quality of life. These are five Connecticut towns experiencing a noticeable exodus of residents.

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