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All aboard the ‘Express’ train

Hello, Southeast Colorado Springs! We couldn’t be happier to meet you. I am honored to serve as the founding editor and general manager of the publication you are currently holding in your hands. I am also its receptionist, ombudsmen, primary coffee drinker . . .

Vasallo classroom

‘An investment for generations’

Plans to overhaul a Southeast Colorado Springs elementary school building’s roof, repair water damage and update decades-old fixtures are now under way, thanks to a $180 million referendum passed by Harrison School District 2 (D2) residents Nov. 6.

Making it count

Cheslyn Johnson, 9, casts her first-ever ballot Nov. 6 during a Kids’ Election Day Party at the Sand Creek Library. Children were asked to vote between four toy options. ‘It feels good,’ Cheslyn says of voting for the safari set. A Jurassic-themed play set, the