Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado abides by a simple, agreeable philosophy: no one should go hungry. The local food bank aims to accomplish this lofty goal by providing food to partner agencies on a daily basis. These agencies then redistribute food throughout communities in Southern Colorado. Simply put, Care and Share food is available to all who need it. They also offer a few government programs that certain populations qualify for. Otherwise, Care and Share’s mobile food pantries, mobile markets and partner agencies are open to anyone looking for help with food. 


This includes people like Mary – a proud grandmother of four who spends much of her time taking care of her grandchildren. Every other week Mary picks up groceries from a Care and Share Mobile Market and she loves how easy and convenient it is for her and her family. Care and Share also helps kids like 7-year-old Xaiver and his family. Xaiver’s parents both lost their jobs due to the pandemic and were struggling to put food on the table for their family. Xaiver’s mom, Shayla, expressed gratitude for the community, especially for the neighbors who have rallied around her to help provide food for her family. 

Care and Share is a large organization and continuing to grow, with 282 partners in the state. 


Some of these include food pantries, emergency shelters, schools, and churches – all of which bring food directly to local communities. Their website,, offers a Pantry Locator featuring an interactive map, contact information, hours, and even directions to all the local pantries in your area. Please visit the “Find Food” tab on the website. 

Abolishing hunger in the United States, or even in Colorado is an expansive and intimidating goal. When asked about the crux of the issue, Care and Share CEO, Lynne Telford, points towards bridging the gap between the abundance of food in the United States and numerous hungry Americans. “We live in America, where there is enough food. There’s extra food that often goes to waste. It’s ridiculous that people are going hungry,” said Telford. “All we have to do is figure out how to get it to people who need it. At Care and Share, we’re working on that every single day – to make sure that our neighbors in need get the nutritious food they deserve, and they need to thrive.” 

When asked about Care and Share’s philosophy, Telford reiterated, “we believe that no one should go hungry. We say that over and over because it’s just not okay that people are going hungry in America … Care and Share is a good news story. We are getting food to people and we’re doing it better and better every day … we want people in need to get the food they need. Sometimes people feel bad about it, but what I say is that your community wants you to get the food that you need so you can be successful.” 


Telford notes that none of the organization’s success would be possible without their volunteers. Care and Share is always in need of volunteers in various capacities. Last year, 5,500 individuals volunteered at Care and Share. Telford believes without them, the year wouldn’t have been a success story. Care and Share also accepts financial donations. These donations go a long way – donating just $1 provides between 6-8 meals to those in need. 

The pandemic forced Care and Share, like all businesses, to adapt in order to accomplish their goals. Now more than ever, the organization is looking to support the Colorado Springs community as many are devastated in the wake of job losses due to COVID-19. Care and Share is here to feed and support the community in order to reach their ultimate goal: no one should go hungry.

If you need help putting food on the table please visit to find the food pantry closest to you.

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