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This month we are taking another look at Southeast Colorado Springs’ fusion offerings. Fusion cuisine is food that combines elements of different culinary traditions that originate from different countries, regions or cultures, like the delicious chifa offerings from 2 Luchos we tried last month.

Not only is Southeast Colorado Springs home to some of the best authentic ethnic food in the city, but it is also home to a wide selection of restaurants that provide unique offerings.

 Everyone knows that wild tacos and burgers are natural enemies, but at Felipe’s 109 (3008 S Academy Blvd.) they have managed to fuse the two into a unique and delicious creation — the tacoburger.

Felipe’s tacoburger is a seasoned ground beef patty with lettuce and tomato tucked inside a freshly made, in house taco shell. It has the crunch of a taco, without the crumbly ground beef, and the flavor of a burger. You can spice it up with their delicious homemade green chili or their creamy, gooey queso. Their tacoburger combo comes with a side of crispy, made-from-scratch fries.

If you prefer your burgers in a more traditional format — a bun — they have that too. Their sombrero burger is an indulgent mess of flavors. It is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, green chili salsa, a fried egg and sour cream. It is a borderline knife-and-fork burger, unless you do not mind getting a bit of green chili and egg yolk on your hands. The good news is  their fries are the perfect vehicle for mopping up any spilled chili yolk. The green chili offers a bit of a bite that is well balanced by the sour cream and egg yolk. If egg and green chili is a bit much for your burger sensibilities, the klassic or OB combos will give you a more traditional cheeseburger experience.

If you are looking for the ultimate in indulgent junk food experiences you should look no further than their trash nachos with green chili queso. It has freshly made, deep fried corn tortilla chips, made in-house like their taco shells, with pieces of chopped burger patty, smothered in homemade green chili queso, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream.

It is the perfect meal for a case of the munchies.

Felipe’s has a kid’s menu, for the youngsters not yet ready to handle a sombrero burger, and a dessert menu that includes shakes, root beer floats and banana boats.  Take some time to support a locally-owned business that serves the best of both worlds — you won’t be disappointed. 

Heidi Beedle is a former soldier, educator, activist, and animal welfare worker. She received a Bachelor’s in English from UCCS. She has worked as a freelance writer covering LGBTQ issues, nuclear disasters, cattle mutilations, and social movements.