Mothers Day

She was the first person to know and love us, even before we knew ourselves. She was our first caregiver, our first friend, our first role model. She was the giver of hugs, the kisser of owies, the healer of scraped knees and broken hearts. 

She’s the family matriarch, and whether you know her as mom, mamá, ma, mommy, abuelita, nana, ouma, aunty, tía or just by her name, she plays a role in our hearts and minds. 

This spring, we want to celebrate the amazing moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, teachers, mentors, friends — since love knows no limits, we say it’s open to whoever fills that critical maternal role — who shape our Southeast Colorado Springs community with their love, kindness and firmly guiding hands. 

Please share with us, in 250 words or fewer, a beloved memory of you and your matriarch … whether that be helping grandma in the kitchen, sharing secrets with your older sister, singing with your aunt or reading aloud to mom. Or, if you are a mom, let us know what that role means to you. (If you have a photo you would like to share, we would love to see it, too.) We plan to compile your stories and images in honor of Mother’s Day as a way to pay tribute to the fabulous females who influence our community. 

Submissions may be sent to or via USPS to The Southeast Express, attn.: Regan Foster, 235 S. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, 80903. Please be sure to include your name and a telephone number or email address (for verification purposes only). All submissions must be received by April 17 for consideration for our Mother’s Day edition. The Southeast Express team reserves the right to determine suitability for publication and to edit for style and grammar. 

Oh, and dynamo dads, don’t dismay: We’ll do the same thing in June for Father’s Day. 



Founding Editor and General Manager Regan Foster holds dual bachelor's degrees in journalism and Spanish and a master's degree in journalism with specialization in political reporting and media management.