Concrete Couch volunteers raise Class Bussanich’s hammer at the entrance to the Concrete Coyote campus. [Express photos/Lily Reavis]

Teen finds life passion through work with Concrete Couch

Clay Bussanich, a 2019 graduate of The Classical Academy College Pathways (TCACP) in Southeast, has interned with Concrete Couch for four summers in a row. 

On June 11, Concrete Couch raised a giant structure of a hammer directly outside the entrance of the Concrete Coyote, one that Bussanich designed and built independently. He spent hours every Friday morning since late January collecting recycled materials and welding the hammer together. Bussanich said that the sculpture symbolizes new beginnings and the importance of community building at the Concrete Coyote. 

He added: “And there’s just something epic about a giant hammer.”

Bussanich first got involved with Concrete Couch through the organization’s “Fab Lab,” a creative construction space that operates every Monday in the Manitou Arts Center (MAC). Since then, Bussanich found his passion for welding and metalsmithing, leading to the creation of his giant hammer sculpture. 

The sculpture is made of 99 percent recycled metal (the only new materials are the bolts holding it together) and it comes apart into three pieces for easy transport. Bussanich said that it might not permanently mark the entrance of the Concrete Coyote, as he is considering entering it in art shows around the state. 

This fall Bussanich will take welding classes at Pikes Peak Community College, directly next to TCACP’s campus. He will work at several Concrete Couch summer camps, and hopes to continue welding throughout his career.

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— Lily Reavis