Clinically prepared

Amie McCarthy, Peak Vista vice president of clinical and dental operations, explains the unique set up of the X-ray machine in the clinics’ new dental exam rooms. [Express photos/Laura Krueger]

Peak Vista’s Jet Wing location full-service ready

Late last year, Peak Vista Community Health Centers President and CEO Pam McManus set an ambitious agenda: to convert a massive, 30,000-plus-square-foot building at 1815 Jet Wing Drive from a career college into a full-service primary health care facility. Even more ambitious, she vowed it would be ready for patients by autumn.

On Nov. 2, the health care provider will welcome the public for a grand tour of its newly renovated Health Center at Jet Wing. Residents may check it out during a community open house from 1 to 4 p.m. that day.

The finished clinic offers medical, dental and behavioral health services in a holistic setting that encourages collaboration.

“We want our patients to feel good coming in,” said Amie McCarthy, vice president of clinical and dental operations.

“We want it to be a reflection of the quality of care they are getting,” added Kelly Utermoehlen, Peak Vista’s director of communications.

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Healthy growth **

Peak Vista has been operating a temporary clinic at the site, previously the Altierus Career College, since February. It initially offered medical and behavioral health services on a limited scale while the final clinic was renovated.

The temporary clinic space will next be leased to community-focused partners, and a 200-person, theater-style conference room will be available to rent for meetings and community events, Utermoehlen said.

To enter the renovated part of the building is to enter a space that embraces natural lighting, an earth-toned color palate and state-of-the-art technology for everything from diagnostics to sound proofing. Facilities Director Jim Doak said every detail was carefully selected with both the patients’ and providers’ needs in mind.

The doorway between the original clinic space and the renovated site offers a sharp contrast between old and new.

Gone are the days of the sterile white or pea-green walls that used to characterize medical facilities. In are the soothing soft lighting and calming hues. Banks of exam rooms line corridors, while clear lines of sight and a multicolored flagging system lets providers know when a patient is waiting and for whom.

Private rooms offer behavioral health patients and their providers places to talk confidentially, while a communal meeting space between them can support group sessions.

In the dental wings, every exam room has easy access to an X-ray machine, and the latest technology allows dentists and hygienists to work on patients confined to wheelchairs in a patient’s own chair.

All told, the facility can house 22 medical staff including doctors, physicians’ assistants, registered nurses, behavioral health therapists, dentists, dental hygienists and resource navigators who help clients negotiate the sometimes-confusing red tape of the industry. In addition, five receptionists offer bilingual assistance.

“It’s a very integrated model,” said Danita Martinez, director of clinical operations.

By the time the open house welcomes guests, the facility’s health care operations will already be in full swing. Peak Vista served Southeast residents from its other clinics long before the Jet Wing facility opened phase one early this year; however, Martinez said, this newly renovated clinic has a special pull for many of its providers.

“We went through some transition because there were a lot” of staff requesting to be transferred to the site, she said. “The team I formed, I can honestly say is 90 percent from this area.

“It’s pretty diverse. We’re a good group.”

Check it out
Who: Peak Vista Community Health Centers
What: Open house
When: 1 to 4 p.m. Nov. 2
Where: Health Center at Jet Wing, 1815 Jet Wing Drive

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