Palaroan thumbs up

Valedictorian Malia Palaroan give a thumbs-up sign to her fellow Class of 2022 Sierra High School graduates, May 26, at the Broadmoor World Arena. 

After a roller coaster last couple years, the Sierra High School Class of 2022 entered the Broadmoor World Arena on May 26 as high schoolers, and left as young adults ready to attack the world.

Not even COVID or an ill-timed power outage kept them from turning those tassels, either. 

Sierra was the first graduation for District 2 high schools with 162 Stallions earning their diplomas. 

However, as spectators arrived for graduation, a power outage occurred in the area, which left the World Arena with little lighting.

The graduates listened to Sierra health teacher Megan Noone, who was the Class Sponsor. Noone teaches health but as well specializes in athletic training.

Noone challenged grads to take responsibility for their mistakes and learn from each one, as well as to never stop climbing for something they want in life and always surround themselves around people who challenge and support them in all aspects of life.

“You are greater than your circumstances and you don’t have to shun them, just simply let them be a part of the story, and never be afraid to share the story. You can do anything, be anything, live anywhere as long as you are willing to put in the work,” Megan Noone gave this remark during the middle of her speech.

Unfortunately for the Stallions, Principal Nicole Schurbon and Activities Director Robert Bentley were unable to attend due to both testing positive for COVID-19.

Even though the whole Sierra administration was not able to show up, Valedictorian Malia Palaroan gave a positive remark to students that they were all able to be all together with one another for the first time in a long time.

“When I think of successful people, it isn’t always the President or Bill Gates. It’s the people that took risks, and took it right from the heart themselves, and people that care about other people,” Palaroan said in her speech.