During an attempted traffic stop of a stolen vehicle, the suspect collided head-on with a Fountain PD vehicle. The officer was treated for minor injuries.

A Fountain Police Department officer was sent to the hospital with minor injuries this morning after a head-on collision with a stolen vehicle during an attempted traffic stop at H & H Tire in Fountain. Following the collision the suspect fled on foot. Officers from the Fountain PD, Colorado Springs Police Department, El Paso County Sheriff's Office and Colorado State Patrol responded to the scene and established a perimeter in an attempt to apprehend the suspect.


Law enforcement officers from Fountain PD, CSPD, El Paso County Sheriff's Office and Colorado State Patrol set up a perimeter to find a suspect who fled on food after crashing head-on into a Fountain PD vehicle.

“We had two vehicles stolen out of Colorado Springs this morning,” explained Lisa Schneider, the Fountain PD public information officer. “One of those vehicles was a vehicle that was left running in the driveway to warm-up. The owner didn’t want to get in with it being cold out. Understandable, but unfortunately when people do that this type of thing happens. There were two males that stole that vehicle. That vehicle then drove into Colorado Springs a little further, and another vehicle was then stolen. Those two vehicles then made their way down here to Fountain. One of our officers, when he was in the area of H%H Tire — he was just performing a patrol check, checking the area — he noticed one of those stolen vehicles. He did try to perform a traffic stop with that vehicle. That vehicle then head-on collided with him.” 


Lisa Schneider, the Fountain PD public information officer.

Schneider said that Fountain PD did have one person of interest in custody, but could not confirm if he was the suspect involved in this incident. The second suspect and vehicle is still at-large.

“There is another vehicle; it is a 2012 Nissan Maxima; it’s blue in color,” she said. “That was the second vehicle that was stolen. That vehicle is still out somewhere that we’re trying to locate.”


Officers from multiple agencies set up a perimeter around H & H Tire in Fountain following a head-on collision involving a Fountain PD officer. The officer was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Schneider asked that people call 911 if they spot the suspected vehicle.

“No matter where you’re located, just call 911,” she said. “All the agencies in the Southern [Colorado] Springs area are aware of this — El Paso County Sheriffs, CSPD, State Patrol, Fountain PD. Just call 911 if you see that vehicle.”

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