Offer of aid ends in arrest

A female would-be good Samaritan and a paramedic were safe but recovering from minor injuries Friday, Feb. 8, after police say the woman was attacked by a man she was only trying to help.

It happened on Thursday, Feb. 7, in the 3600 block of East Platte Avenue. According to police reports, the woman, who will not be identified, was driving west on U.S. 24 near Peterson Road when she stopped to help 39-year-old Clarence Pate.

Pate climbed into her car and the pair headed west on 24. When they reached Academy Boulevard, however, Pate allegedly became aggressive toward his driver. The woman pulled over and tried to leave the vehicle with the keys, but Pate yanked her back into the car, according to police reports. She escaped, and Pate allegedly attempted to throw her into eastbound traffic.

An AMR (American Medical Response) ambulance was driving by and saw the fight. When a medic intervened, Pate assaulted that person too, police records show.

Pate was charged with kidnapping, robbery and assault and remained behind bars at the El Paso County jail late Friday morning. The investigation is ongoing.

CLARENCE PATE                                                      Courtesy Photo/Colorado Springs Police

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