Covid (Moderna) Vaccine Sign

Six percent of Colorado’s population has been vaccinated at least once, putting them “on the clock to immunity” against COVID-19, Gov. Jared Polis said in a news conference Jan. 22. 

As of Jan. 20, 313,169 people had received one dose and 61,881 had received two doses, but Colorado hopes to ramp up vaccinations in the coming weeks, Polis said.

Earlier in the week, Polis expressed optimism that Colorado would see more transparency and receive more vaccines under the Biden administration, after expressing frustration with the low supply provided by the Trump administration. 

With current infrastructure, Colorado could use 3-5 times as many vaccine doses as it’s receiving, Polis said Jan. 19.

“We depend entirely on the federal government for the weekly supply,” he said today. “We want a vaccine for every Coloradan right now but — to put things in perspective — we're expecting about 83,000 next week. There's 5.7 million Coloradans, so that's a lot of Coloradans who want the vaccine but won't be able to get it next week because we’ll get 83,000. 

“We're hopeful that those numbers of vaccines will increase in the coming weeks.”

Polis estimated the state will receive about 83,000 doses a week for the next two weeks, followed by a “modest increase” to about 110,000 doses per week. 


“Then of course we're also hopeful that, at some point, the Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca vaccines will be approved, unlocking a new supply to more quickly end the pandemic,” he said.

Colorado saw 1,798 new positive cases of COVID-19 today, Polis said, and 772 people statewide are hospitalized with the deadly disease.

“Those numbers have been relatively stable for the last few weeks,” he said. “It just shows that until there's enough time for the vaccine to protect enough Coloradans, we really need to be vigilant — wear masks around others, reduce social interactions and try to keep a distance whenever you are interacting with others. We need to get through these next few weeks and months.”

Colorado is currently in Phase 1A and 1B of its phased approach to vaccine distribution, focusing on highest-risk health care workers, first responders, moderate-risk health care workers, frontline essential workers, and Coloradans over age 70. 

People eligible for Phase 1A and 1B can find out where to get vaccinated at

“We've made sure that health insurance status and ability to present a photo ID play no role in getting the vaccine,” Polis said. “The fact is, the more Coloradans that get the vaccine, the better off we all are, and the sooner this ends the pandemic. 

“That's why we're going to do everything we can to break down barriers to access no matter where you live, who you are, where you're from, what you do. We want to make sure you get the vaccine as quickly and efficiently as our supplies will allow.” 

Managing Editor, Colorado Springs Business Journal

Helen Robinson is a graduate of The University of Queensland, Australia. She worked in print media in Australia, Canada and the United States before joining the Colorado Springs Business Journal in 2016.