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Take a look at the Express’ digital plan

By now, you know The Southeast Express will not cut corners in its news coverage or market place. We aim to be innovative in how we offer the community news and advertising content. But we’re not stopping there.

Just as we want to rewrite the standards for community journalism, we’re launching a multimedia effort that embraces real-time news coverage, social media, interactive communication and great digital storytelling.

We will put out a regular, and totally voluntary for the readers, emailed newsletter designed to keep the community informed of news coming from or related to Southeast.

News doesn’t take a break. It doesn’t occur in convenient weekly, monthly or every-other-month packages. So in between print editions, readers may visit our website, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and receive our emails to get updates they need and deserve.

We will endeavor to be the readers’ first and best source of real-time news information, be it school schedule changes, traffic snarls or last-minute family-outing opportunities. There’s any number of reasons a story may be published on our website before it makes it into print, but the ultimate reason is our readers. They expect it, so we will make every effort to deliver it.

To be clear, not every story that makes it on our website will make it into the paper – there’s no reason, for example, to print a piece on a collision causing traffic congestion several days after it happens – just like you may not get the entirety of a story online. Say, for example, City Council decides to add more red light cameras to Academy Boulevard (for the record, that’s not in the works); we’ll let our readers know online as soon as we can, but offer more analysis of the change in the next edition.

Beyond print, we have embraced social media and have established active presences on Facebook and Twitter. There, our readers may comment, provide us with feedback and participate in the ongoing story of Southeast.

We’re planting the seeds for a lush and rich digital world: Let’s make it grow together.