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In the movie Coach Carter, the coach is sent to a school where the student athletes are underperforming academically, which affects their eligibility for the basketball team. Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Coach Carter, is tasked to turn the players around. It’s not easy to do — the community …

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Last year was a historic year in many ways. Under the umbrella of COVID for most of the year, the disparities that we experience in the Southeast have been exacerbated and can no longer be denied. Our two zip codes, 80910 and 80916, have been the most consistently impacted in El Paso County …

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Generation Wild, the self-described “research-led, multiyear campaign designed to spark a movement that would reconnect kids to the outdoor world” has renewed its funding commitment to the Southeast Colorado Springs community for another three years.  

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This fall, Southeast Colorado Springs voters will be asked to pick who will represent them in Denver via the House District 17 seat. We contacted Democratic incumbent Tony Exum and Republican challenger Robert Blancken to get their takes on topics ranging from legislative priorities to COVID…

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In the August 2020 we hoped for, teenagers would have been dragged back into the school year — catching flights home, scratching sunburns and pushing shopping carts through crowded aisles. We’d be anticipating teachers and classrooms, spending our parents’ money and fitting in a final summer…

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It’s honestly been years since I’ve thought about, or paid much attention to, back-to-school time. I don’t have children, so the annual rush to get supplies, clothes and shoes that accommodate rapid growth just kind of swirls around me in a haze of disconnect and hilarious anecdotes from par…

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There’s an episode of “Chappelle’s Show” that captures the problem with some folks in the world right now. On the classic sketch comedy show, Chappelle played a juror in various celebrity cases where he vehemently denied their involvement in crimes these celebrities have committed.

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When my girlfriend Geanine and I would tell people we were expecting our first child, experienced parents would often give us the same piece of advice — essentially some version of: “Soak up the moments, because they’ll fly by faster than you think.”

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The COVID-19 panic has dismantled our opportunities and brought our aspirations to a standstill. Social distancing, though necessary, means our high school seniors won’t walk the graduation stage in May, and eighth-graders might miss their moving up ceremonies.

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 In these trying times of stay-at-home orders, reduced or lost work and constantly weighing illness over personal needs, the Southeast Express reached out to several Colorado Springs faith and spirituality leaders representing a variety of backgrounds and ideologies to get their wisdom. This…

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I had just arrived back at my office from an interview with a sweet old woman who was celebrating her 100th birthday when I looked down at my phone and saw I had missed three calls from my girlfriend. “This is it,” I realized excitedly.

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Hey, Southeast Colorado Springs! Want to have a say in how your roads are funded? What about your schools? Your public health clinics or first responders? Then here’s the thing: You need to be counted. This month, you will probably receive an invitation to participate

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  A few weeks ago, Julie Ramirez, Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO) community coordinator, posed a question to the 1,300 fans of the Southeast Colorado Springs Community Facebook page. “How,” she asked, “do we revitalize Southeast Colorado Springs without gentrifying it?”  It’s a good

During the fall semester, the Southeast Express partnered with a Pikes Peak Community College publishing class on a project focused on many facets of voting. During that time, we worked closely on an opinion piece with a so-called “dreamer” — the nickname for student migrants

There’s still work to do, but I firmly believe that Southeast is changing itself, and in so doing, will change the world.

When my brothers and I attended Harrison, the District 2 rivalry was phenomenal: Pep rallies, spirit days and school camaraderie, the whole nine. Those are memories I have to cherish forever.

We are committed to passing legislation that builds an economy for all, invests in our future and protects our Colorado way of life. By State Rep. Tony Exum Guest column, special to the Express The next legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly begins on

Local youths help organize U.S. Senate candidate debate in preparation for 2020 elections By Emma Tang We are less than one year away from what will be the most historic election my generation has ever witnessed. With more than 10 Democratic presidential candidates stepping up

The holidays are once again upon us. I love this time of year: the general energy, the spirit, the traditions, the festivities, the food and, above all, the overall atmosphere of comfort and joy. For some reason, it all turns me into a marshmallow —

By Marcus Hill The Southeast Express So I won’t give you a rundown of what I deem accomplishments in my life, I’ll simply get to the gist of what you desire to know. Yes, I was an “athlete” in high school, but I’m not about

By Patience Kabwasa Special to the Southeast Express On Nov. 5, many Coloradans will scurry to drop off their mail-in ballots or vote in person for state and municipal issues in coordinated elections. And, if national trends are any indication, young voters will come out

Have you cast your ballot yet?  Hey you! Yeah, you! The one whose ballot is still sitting, unopened, under a pile of mail on the kitchen counter. Or maybe you opened it, but are still trying to figure out what it all means. Or perhaps

Happy anniversary, Southeast Colorado Springs!  Given the deep history of this community, I’m sure that seems a bit strange. But for me, Sept. 17 marked a monumental day.  Precisely one year earlier, I walked into the hallowed halls of Colorado Publishing House, charged with determining

Southeast’s rich past has shaped its present. How do we channel that while moving toward the future?  As Charlotte Brummer recalls, when she moved into the Satellite Hotel, Airport Road was unpaved, Academy Boulevard was one lane in each direction, and glamorous airline pilots and

Editor’s note: In November 2018, Harrison School District 2 voters approved a $180 million bond issue for capital improvement projects that will touch every school in the district. Centennial Elementary School was among the first buildings to benefit from the funding, and over the summer the

Time to gear up as summer winds on

What sort of events or programs would you like to build community in Southeast this summer?

What should Southeast Colorado Springs do to elevate its reputation? 

Thank you for the publishing “The Birth of a Crisis” on March 25th. Regan Foster’s story provides well-researched insight into the issues stemming from newborns diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or NAS.  Babies born with NAS typically experience tremors, frantic breathing and racing heart rates

I have lived in the Eastborough neighborhood for the past 42 years. We are located a good distance from a bus stop and far from our medical appointments.  I am a retired Army major, and after traveling around the world, I selected Colorado Springs to

Not too long ago, I was chatting with a friend and former colleague about what it takes to launch a nonprofit newspaper. He’s a longtime reporter and, like me, has built a career on established, for-profit publications.  Whether as an act of support or one

From talking to people who actually knew her, reading her memoirs and watching an exquisitely crafted PBS documentary, I feel like I now know the late, great Fannie Mae Duncan as well as one can know the departed. More importantly, I’ve come to love and

Take a look at the Express’ digital plan By now, you know The Southeast Express will not cut corners in its news coverage or market place. We aim to be innovative in how we offer the community news and advertising content. But we’re not stopping