What should Southeast Colorado Springs do to elevate its reputation? 



Riley Andrews

U.S. Army service member

“There’s plenty. Maybe improve the roads a little bit.” 






Andrew Naef


“People should just care more about the area and themselves.”





Chris Newman

Internet tech support

“Nothing comes to mind. I feel like where we live it’s not an issue. … It’s no different than anywhere else in the city.” 


Brittany McCulloch


“We don’t have a lot of community events other than sports things. We could have more community events to bring people of diverse interests together. 

“Also, there’s not as many thriving small businesses as there are downtown. Those tend to bring people into places.”





Connie Royer

Deli clerk

“A lot of it has to do with being able to help people who need help. When things happen in life, it’s hard to get help sometimes.” 




Kenia Cruz

Housewife and mother

“We don’t have a park close by here. That would be very helpful, for the kids to have a safe place to play. 

“Maybe, too, to have more police so the neighborhoods are secure.” 

Asked at the Sand Creek Library.