Amy Gillentine

Amy Gillentine, Publisher and Executive Editor 

By the time you receive this month’s copy of the Southeast Express, there will have been some significant changes in the way the paper operates. 

First of all, we’ve always been fiscally sponsored by local nonprofits – but starting Nov. 1, we became part of a larger nonprofit created out of Colorado Publishing House. The Express will join sister papers – the Colorado Springs Indy, the Colorado Springs Business Journal and the Pikes Peak Bulletin to become a local nonprofit. That will change some things, but it won’t change one thing: Our commitment to Southeast. 

We’ll be delivering the paper as usual in November and December – and we anticipate some big changes in 2023, but Southeast stories will still be told by a small and dedicated staff. 

What else will change? We want to build bridges between Southeast residents, their success, businesses, challenges and families to the rest of the community. We want folks in Briargate and Northgate to know that Southeast is a thriving community, a place where they can enjoy a great meal and meet people dedicated to improving their portion of the city. 

See, in the past three years we’ve noticed what I’m sure each of you already know: Southeast tends to get treated as a separate community, one that really doesn’t seem to be part of Colorado Springs. We know the people working on Southeast solutions – folks like Pastor Ben Anderson who is spearheading the first community-investment property in Colorado and only the second in the nation. We know the folks at Thrive, with their new board president Cory Arcarese, and their work to help people create businesses and jobs. We recognize the people like Juaquin Mobley of CommunityWorks, connecting the formerly incarcerated with jobs and Diego Rivera who operates a plumbing business and a school for people who want to learn the trade. There are more people to know and more stories to tell. 

And we want others to know these people as well. As the Southeast got its start, many entities pledged their support for the paper, and we appreciate their help. We believe in Southeast and know these organizations do as well. And we hope they’ll continue in as we start the next phase in Southeast. 

I’d like to introduce some new people who will become fixtures in Southeast. Meet Betty Butron-Smith, our new bilingual sales executive. Betty will be working to help you promote your businesses to the rest of the city. And, even more importantly, she’ll help translate stories on, our new combined website, which we will unveil in January. 

Betty is originally from Houston and has been in Colorado Springs just a few weeks. Already, she’s created the first Spanish language ad in the Colorado Springs Indy. 

Anthony Perez, who many of our readers know, needs no real introduction. Anthony owns several local businesses and his shuttle company was instrumental in helping feed Harrison District 2 schools during the pandemic. He’s joined us as our Director of Sales and is already setting the world on fire and shaking things up.

Marcus Hill will continue covering Southeast stories, sports and education. He’ll be joined by others, eager to tell the stories in Southeast. 

And we’ll be reaching out to some of you. There are too many meetings, too much happening, for us to tell all the stories. In 2023, we’ll be creating a documenters program, designed to train citizen journalists to get involved, go to events, meetings and townhalls, and share what they learned. We’ll teach you the basics of journalism – and we’ll pay you for your time and attention to civic matters that affect all of us. 

It’s a new era for the Southeast, and as all businesses must meet the challenges of these uncertain times, we believe that Southeast is a growing, vibrant part of our city – and we’re eager to continue this vital partnership in new ways. We’ll share more in December’s issue as we finalize 2023’s calendar and publication list. One thing we do know: Our commitment to Southeast is strong. 

If you want to know more or want to get involved, please drop me a line at Exciting times are ahead. You don’t want to miss this.