Centennial Kids letters

Some of the art work Centennial Elementary School students made and are sending to voters. [Express photo illustration/ZK Bradley]

Editor’s note: In November 2018, Harrison School District 2 voters approved a $180 million bond issue for capital improvement projects that will touch every school in the district. Centennial Elementary School was among the first buildings to benefit from the funding, and over the summer the school received a complete overhaul. Principal Kimberlee Noyes asked the students to write thank-you letters to the community, and shared a selection of them with the Express. We are proud to reprint them for the entire district to see. The students’ names have been redacted to protect their privacy. 

Dear Centennial Voter, 

I’m extremely thankful that you have chosen our school to get remodeled. I’ve had many memories here at Centennial. 

I appreciate that you voted that we get new desks, new chairs, new paint and much more. The chairs make me more comfortable during class. I also really appreciate the desks because the desks are kind of preparing us fifth-graders for middle school. In middle school we won’t have a hole in our desk [for] our supplies. 

The remodel also makes me want to participate more in class. The new library is awesome. I love the garage door that opens up to get us into the computer lab. The paint also brightens up the school. The lights are cool because they are motion-activated.

Dear Centennial Voters, 

Thank you for voting “yes” to our school. I love the new library, lights, desks, chairs, doors and ceilings. All the new stuff makes the school more fun and makes me want to come to school. The school looks awesome. I also like the new stuff because it feels much cleaner and doesn’t look old anymore. 

Dear Centennial Voters, 

Thank you for voting on this school. You have done so much for me and others by voting. 

I really like the new school. I like the new library and the new classrooms. I really like the new chairs that you can lean in with all four legs on the ground. Thank you for the new televisions. Now if someone can’t see the Smart Board they can see the T.V., and they can even watch the video on that. 

Thank for all the new lights, they are really cool. Thank you for the new school. 

Dear Centennial Voters, 

Thanks for the new stuff. Thanks for the new carpets, classroom chairs, computer lab, gym, library, walls and windows. My favorite part of the school is the P.E. Room because they can change the walls. My second-favorite room is the computer lab because it isn’t that small. My third-favorite room is the library because it is bigger and there is a computer lab. 

Dear Harrison Voters, 

Thank you for all the cool new stuff. I really like the new library. Thanks to you the school is so much fun now. All of the stuff that you made or got for us is so fun, like the new chairs and desks, new classrooms, new library and new computer lab. I feel like the school is much more fun and better. 

I really like the library because it has a couch, a place to do experiments and a place where you can read [that] is really cool. I also like the new classrooms because I feel like now school is better with the cool stuff and everything that is new. I feel as if it is a whole new place where we can learn and have fun.

Dear Centennial and Harrison School District Voters,

It is with such great pride that I would like to say thank you for investing in our students, who inspire me every day to be a better educator and even a better person. The children of our community deserve the world, and with the bond being passed, we have all invested in them. We have shown our children that they matter!

On the first day of school … the students had smiles from ear to ear. They could not believe how bright the hallways were, the library where they are able to explore and dive into their imaginations, the gym where they are encouraged to explore new activities. When you walk [into the classrooms] you can feel the happiness coming from their teachers, who take such pride in their building. Many students told stories of how they have never seen anything “so new” or “so pretty”. This was such an exciting moment for all our students. 

Since the remodel, our students have taken even more pride in their education and in the building. They could not believe that people in their community cared so much about them that they would provide all of these amazing new things to make sure they received the best education possible.

Being at Centennial for six years, I have felt such a renewed pride for the community I serve and am lucky to be a part of. There is new energy throughout the building that has come from the bond being passed. Teachers feel the power of knowing the community is behind them when it comes to the faith they have in the students. Being a Centennial Panther is more than being a teacher, it is being part of a family. As voters, you invested in our family! Thank you for all that you have done for our students.


Kalyn Dickey

Instructional coach and Title 1 coordinator

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