I have lived in the Eastborough neighborhood for the past 42 years. We are located a good distance from a bus stop and far from our medical appointments. 

I am a retired Army major, and after traveling around the world, I selected Colorado Springs to be my adopted home city. We arrived in 1971 and have experienced the city’s tremendous growth, but not in the Southeast sector. 

We lost a Sam’s Club and a Red Lobster on South Academy Boulevard. There’s a large selection of fine restaurants in the metro area, but only a few in the Southeast. 

Meanwhile, in the Southwest, older parts of South Nevada Avenue are getting renovation attention. The move of Bristol Brewing into the former Ivywild Elementary School was a great start. Now new retail space is being developed all around the Edelweiss German restaurant, and nearby on South Tejon Street a new prime steak house has opened. 

Back in Southeast – nothing! 

We have a new city councilor who lived in the Southeast area during its demise, and who is taking steps for a change in the future. I know she feels like the Southeast Express can be a sounding board for those who care and want to be a part of this change. 

Congratulations to the people behind the Southeast Express for taking an important leadership role, and for publishing a communication vehicle to guide us along the way! 

Your supporter, 

Robert A. Garrity

Colorado Springs

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