Patrice Ravenscroft

Patrice Ravenscroft is the associate publisher of the Southeast Express.

Some of the greatest moments I have experienced have been inviting people into my story and inviting them to share theirs with me. It inspires me to strive for inclusivity, inviting everyone to share common experiences and community — despite all our differences. This is a hope and dream I have for our neighbor-hoods, cities, and nation: to break bread together and really listen to one another.

May we see that day. 

We’re getting there. We are witnessing so many positive changes, and I still have the hope of achieving true equity in our community. 

If you are like me, you can understand that perception is not reality. In many cases, if you are like me, you don’t fit — but make your own path. My path has been a long journey of learning, coexisting, healing, adjusting, and continuing to find my voice, know my value and falling back to heal from the pain of a sometimes very racist community with deep systematic prejudices that not many don’t see or understand. But I am encouraged that my perspective is a positive part of displaying what is possible when we all work together.

I talked to many friends and business community associates about these struggles, microaggressions, incidents and perceptions of Black, brown and Asian people. The conversations provide a safe space, but also a lonely space. Not everyone understands. I hope you will continue with me in this column, a part of the SE Express newspaper’s journey in journalism, community engagement and a growing community spirit. I have the honor to engage and work with some of the most inspiring, community-shaking projects and conversations. To be part of this exciting space has landed me in a wonderful place.

Our paper will strive to be a part of journalism that helps repair, inspire and heal our community. We will portray the achievements of our community of Black, brown, and Asian members in an effort joined by all of our publications.

Our mission at the SE Express is to be the premier print and digital channel to inform, celebrate, educate, empower and challenge the 80,000 vibrant and diverse residents of Southeast Colorado Springs. Most importantly, we will honor the hope and revitalization of a growing and vibrant community that the Southeast is and will continue to become. 

The newspaper publishes as part of the Colorado Publishing House, and is a sister paper to the Colorado Springs Business Journal, the Independent, four military papers, the Transcript, and the Pikes Peak Bulletin. SE Express is a nonprofit, community newspaper — and if you live outside of the 80910 and 80916 zip codes, you can subscribe for $15 a month to have the paper delivered. 

 Dream a Little Dream 

by Patrice Ravenscroft

Some days my dreams scream to make their way into the reality of my life journey.

Some have been waiting for years.

Some disappeared in the fear of night.

I mourn the fallen.

I thank the survivors.

I forgive what I let go to survive.

Most still just under the surface giving light to my eyes again.

I say thank you for another day.

Another dream.

I say thank you to the dreams wrapped in courage just peeking beneath my eyes.

The soldier dreams.

Dreams that break through brick.

Dreams that fire my soul.

Dreams ready to rumble.

Feminine at the core, though trust they flex hard.

Dreams that can run in heels.

Dreams that can stride like a has been athlete still with grit to go again.

Dreams are my home.

Fear is my strength.

Love is their home.

They made it. I made it.

Now. Most days. I’m dreaming awake.

I’m dreaming in forward motion.

Let’s go.

As Maya Angelou said beautifully, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” 

Patrice Ravenscroft is the associate publisher of the Southeast Express.