Harrison School District 2 Vice President Regina English

Excitement is in the air in the southeast side of Colorado Springs, and I am proud to be a resident. 

I would like to acknowledge every great neighborhood that our area encompasses — Deerfield Hills, East Borough, Gateway Park, K-land, Knob Hill, Pikes Peak Park, Sand Creek, South Borough, Spring Creek, Valley Hi and Soaring Eagles. Each neighborhood is represented with resilience, tenacity, perseverance, heart, passion, drive and love for community in many ways.

The momentum we are seeing is because of residents, community leaders and organizations that have made a commitment to stand strong together, stay true to our truths, re-build and restore what has been taken from us over the years. We have intentionally committed ourselves to take our community to the next level of greatness.

We have the power to change the narrative and amplify our own stories, which looks different for all of us but hits the heart the same way in wanting to impact change in a meaningful way. My Southeast experience has been a pivotal point for me, and being a resident here has helped shape me into the influential leader that I am today.

When people speak ill of Southeast Colorado Springs residents, I kindly say unapologetically that they have it all wrong! I then amplify the voice and share with them who we are and what we are made of.

We are hardworking men and women, successful strong community leaders, influential people, lawyers, 

doctors, business owners, elected officials, directors, athletes, teachers, principals, mentors, coaches, resilient students and more.

Most of all, we are families that care for one another and we have locked arms as a community knowing that we are in this together to show our solidarity. Southeast Colorado Springs is not the hidden gem but we are the gem of our city that has always been here. We are impacting change that is now being embraced by those who believe in the things we are doing, what we’ve been doing and what we will continue to do.

We are Southeast Strong All Day Long and the city hasn’t seen anything yet.

Again, I am proud to be a resident leader in my community and we’re better together. Southeast is a community that will be a role model on a national level for years to come. And for this, I am grateful.