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I would like to know who writes the editorials and especially the most recent one on “Cannabis vote comes to the people of COS in November’.

I believe that editorials should be signed by whoever writes them. I have a couple of issues with this editorial. It most certainly isn’t written by a journalist; journalists write from a collection of substantiated facts. This editorial is certainly the opinion of one person... First of all, to say that “a whole generation of men of color were locked up for possession and sales of small amounts of marijuana” is certainly incorrect. Many people were locked up for the crime and not just of color, and certainly not a whole generation. America doesn’t have enough prisons to hold a whole generation of any race, creed or color. Is it a fact that the city of Colorado Springs voters wanted legalization in 2012? Where did this fact or opinion come from?

City Council is elected by the people to represent them, yet it says that several different councils over a multiple election period defies the people. 

Is this an editorial about the money that is being lost or about one person’s personal attack on a group of people, city council, who were elected over a period of 10 years, by the people of Colorado Springs to represent them in legislative responsibilities. To say that these representatives imposed their moral and religious beliefs on the freedom of other Americans is totally wrong and a bitter, personal attack.

I live in the Southeast region of Colorado Springs and disagree with the bias that seems to be quite prevalent in this project called the Southeast Express


Michael Urban