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Your two cents: Shed the word to shred stigma

Thank you for the publishing “The Birth of a Crisis” on March 25th. Regan Foster’s story provides well-researched insight into the issues stemming from newborns diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or NAS.  Babies born with NAS typically experience tremors, frantic breathing and racing heart rates

Your two cents: Welcome to the neighborhood

I have lived in the Eastborough neighborhood for the past 42 years. We are located a good distance from a bus stop and far from our medical appointments.  I am a retired Army major, and after traveling around the world, I selected Colorado Springs to

Foster: By working together, we all grow

Not too long ago, I was chatting with a friend and former colleague about what it takes to launch a nonprofit newspaper. He’s a longtime reporter and, like me, has built a career on established, for-profit publications.  Whether as an act of support or one

Inspiration from the past while looking to the future

From talking to people who actually knew her, reading her memoirs and watching an exquisitely crafted PBS documentary, I feel like I now know the late, great Fannie Mae Duncan as well as one can know the departed. More importantly, I’ve come to love and

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When we say ‘multimedia’ …

Take a look at the Express’ digital plan By now, you know The Southeast Express will not cut corners in its news coverage or market place. We aim to be innovative in how we offer the community news and advertising content. But we’re not stopping

All aboard the ‘Express’ train

Hello, Southeast Colorado Springs! We couldn’t be happier to meet you. I am honored to serve as the founding editor and general manager of the publication you are currently holding in your hands. I am also its receptionist, ombudsmen, primary coffee drinker . . .