What does Southeast Colorado Springs mean to you?

In your words:

What does Southeast Colorado Springs mean to you?

Kacey Dash


“It’s open. (There are) nice people, a lot of job opportunities and a very nice, clean area.”

Christine Zanori


“The library here is really good, and we used to go the (movie theater) here. There are a lot of things that are good down here.”

Arnisha Ganier

Mental health social worker

“It’s beautiful here, I love it. We moved here from Ohio, so it’s a nice change of scenery. Nice people, I love (Southeast).”

Jordan Bruno

Game producer

“It is just pretty much a way of life. It’s my sunshine of happiness. It says ‘life’ to me.”

Maria Romero


“It means home — growth.”

Leroy Jaramillo

Banquet server

“I lived here my whole life, so when I think of this part of town . . . it’s convenient. You have the grocery story, the library, the Sand Creek Trail that’s good to ride your bike on.”

Asked Nov. 13 at the Sand Creek Library

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