One community, many voices


"To be a print and digital partner that informs, celebrates, educates, empowers and challenges the 80,000 vibrant and diverse residents of Southeast Colorado Springs."


We are a new, community-focused newspaper in Southeast Colorado Springs that aims to be the area's destination for all the news, business, entrepreneurship, education, entertainment, culture, sports, faith, food and community-engagement information it could want. We plan on highlighting employment, volunteer and training opportunities; community happenings and events; and the roughly 80,000 vibrant residents who make this quadrant of town so very remarkable.

Just as we are building a relationship with the neighborhood, we are building a marketplace where there was previously none. Through our publication, we hope to connect partner advertisers with thousands of consumers who are searching for affordable, local businesses to support, and employers with a talented and deep candidate pool.


Southeast Colorado Springs, as we are defining it, consist of all of the 80910 and 80916 ZIP codes, as well as parts of 80915, 80909 and 80903. It comprises roughly 80,000 residents in 30,000 homes. We plan on mailing to between 25,000 and 30,000 homes, as well as have 5,000 copies available for point-of-acquisition pick up.


"There's so much bias and buy in against Southeast. It's time to turn the tide."

– City Council Member Yolanda Avlia, District 4
"I think it's going to be a great asset.
We get an opportunity to kind of tell our story. It's not all going to be wine and roses, we have to be true to who we are, but at least we can tell our story about the good things that are happening in Southeast Colorado Springs."

– State Rep. Tony Exum
"When we work together in partnership, we can do so much more."

– Jodi Derington, Deerfield Hills Community Center executive director