Harrison School District 2 elected to keep its prep football season in the spring following Colorado High School Activities Association’s announcement last month. 

By a 12-3 vote, the CHSAA Board of Directors determined school districts could choose to play football, field hockey and volleyball in either Season A or C, either this fall or next spring. Football is a Season C sport this school year, while other sports that are typically fall events, remain in Season A. 

Basketball, ice hockey, skiing, girls swimming, and wrestling are all part of Season B, the late fall/early winter sports. 

The D-2 athletic departments and superintendents erred on the side of caution rather than moving the already rescheduled season. 

“Harrison School District 2 has always been in support of the CHSAA recommendation from Aug. 4, 2020, for all sports and believes the plan was for the greater good of all students and schools across the state,” the district said in a joint statement. “Harrison School District 2 will continue to offer cross country, boys golf and softball this fall as allowed by CHSAA. [We’re] confident they can allow these sports to occur while keeping athletes safe.”

The district also cited other reasons to keep to the reconstructed schedule created earlier in the pandemic: game quality, the benefits of athletics to education and attendance. 

While the sports are split into two seasons, CHSAA said both seasons A and C “will be treated equitably.”  Every team will play a “six plus-one” schedule, meaning teams that miss the playoffs can play a game against a non-playoff opponent in Week 1 or 2 of the postseason. 

Teams that qualify for the playoffs will play at least seven games, and the CHSAA will determine the postseason’s eight-team bracket based on its seeding index. CHSAA will also compile schedules for teams “due to the short amount of time prior to the start of the season.”

“We are in a pandemic,” said Troy Baker, Buena Vista High School athletic director and CHSAA Board of Directors president. “[These are] not normal times. We’re all trying to navigate through it with the hope of trying to find some normalcy in our lives. There isn’t a guide of how to do this.” 

Schools are trying to create the guide as they go, however. For a full list of high school sports, their seasons and their new modifications, go to

Football practice for Season C starts Feb. 25 and games begin March 11. The postseason starts April 24 and the title game takes place May 8.


Marcus Hill is a reporter for the Southeast Express and Schriever Sentinel. He graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communication.