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It didn’t take long for Harrison High School’s Isabel Trujillo to establish herself as a leader and formidable force for the Panthers volleyball team. 

Trujillo has led the Panthers in wins in back-to-back years and was second in digs her freshman and sophomore seasons.

“Isabel is an incredibly thoughtful and reflective individual,” said Panthers coach Anna Conrad. “She cultivates relationships with her peers by checking in with people when she notices something is wrong and going out of her way to be kind to fellow students and adults. Similarly, she is a strong inquirer and asks thoughtful questions both in her college classes – she’s has been enrolled in Pikes Peak Community College classes since her freshman year – and on the court.”

Conrad recognized the junior’s talent shortly after Trujillo stepped on the court during her freshman season and said, “Isabel tenaciously loves volleyball.” 

“Besides playing high school and club volleyball, she also plays in outdoor leagues and frequently peppers her sister,” Conrad said. “Isabel is committed to diving for the ball other players think is beyond reach, swinging with everything she has. Her passion for the game is contagious.”

How’d you get into volleyball?

My mom and dad both played when they were younger and taught me to play as a kid.

What’s your favorite aspect of the game?

I think just having another family on the court with me. We have good communication, good friendship and the motivation it brings for me, especially with school, is so important.

What’s your favorite volleyball memory?

For high school, I started varsity as a freshman, but those girls welcomed me because I was nervous playing with a whole bunch of seniors. They were my family and they still are to this day. It will always be a great memory for me.

How’d you end up joining Team Colorado Volleyball?

I had a coach at Fox Meadows named Ryan Pinkston, she’s a club coach for the club I play for. She pushed me to play club because I had a high skill level.

How grateful are you that Ryan Pinkston got you involved in TCV?

I’m very grateful because I really want to go to college and play at a higher level. I’d love to continue my journey.

Where do you hope to play?

My aim right now is [University of Colorado-Colorado Springs] and I’m looking at schools in Florida that I’ve been interested in. I’m planning college visits for June.

What do you cherish most about living in Colorado Springs?

I love that we have the mountains that me and family and friends explore and I love the outdoor activities we can do.

If there’s one thing you could change about your community what would that be?

Maybe bringing everyone together more often. I know it’s hard right now because of COVID, but me and my friends used to have volleyball tournaments but that faded when COVID came. Bringing that back would bring people together.

Who’s a family member who inspires you?

My mom and my sister really inspire me. They taught me so much about volleyball and they’ve always been role models to me. I do everything to make them, and my dad proud.

What’s the most important lesson they’ve taught you?

My mom told me to never give up. She always pushes me, especially with my grades, she never lets me fall down and I really appreciate that. My sister is always there for me and I can always talk to her and she gives me the support back. 

My dad has always supported me as well. It’s always fun to be around my family. 


Marcus Hill is a reporter for the Southeast Express and Schriever Sentinel. He graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communication.