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High Five

This month’s shout-outs go to the Youth of the Year contestants, community engagement and Southeast Springs voters.

Ripe for renewal

Why has Southeast been passed over for economic incentives? Among its dozen or so urban renewal areas, Colorado Springs can count the Gold Hill Mesa development on the Westside, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum and Hall of Fame downtown, and the Air Force Academy

Opportunities for growth

Federally designated zones could lead to Southeast revitalization, officials hope The now-shuttered Sam’s Club at 714 S. Academy Blvd. was once a thriving part of Southeast commerce. Now, it’s a huge, vacant building with a parking lot to match set on prime commercial real estate. 

Where we’ve been, where we’re going

Southeast’s rich past has shaped its present. How do we channel that while moving toward the future?  As Charlotte Brummer recalls, when she moved into the Satellite Hotel, Airport Road was unpaved, Academy Boulevard was one lane in each direction, and glamorous airline pilots and