The Weirdest House in New Jersey

Imagine purchasing your dream home, only to receive unsettling letters from a mysterious stalker claiming to watch you and your family. This nightmare became a reality for Derek and Maria Broaddus when they bought a six-bedroom house in Westfield, New Jersey, in 2014. The house, now known as the Watcher House, has become one of the strangest and most chilling places in New Jersey.

A Sinister Welcome

Excitement turned to fear for the Broaddus family as they received letters from someone calling themselves “the Watcher.” The first letter, devoid of a return address, questioned the family’s presence in the house and hinted at a disturbing family history. The Broaddus family, terrified, contacted the police and discovered that the previous owners had also received a similar letter.

Despite delaying their move and implementing security measures, the Watcher persisted with more threatening and bizarre letters. These letters detailed an unnerving knowledge of the family’s activities and plans for the house. The Broaddus family, fearing for their safety, decided not to move in, but attempts to sell or even demolish the house were met with obstacles.

A Media Sensation

The Watcher House gained national attention in 2015 when the Broaddus family filed a lawsuit against the previous owners, accusing them of fraud for not disclosing the Watcher’s letters. The case stirred public speculation, with theories ranging from a disgruntled neighbor to claims that the family fabricated the story. The house became a target for vandalism and intense public curiosity.

The legal battle prompted debates on disclosure laws and privacy rights, turning the Watcher House into a focal point for ethical discussions. The feud between the Broaddus and Woods families, along with divided opinions among neighbors and town officials, added to the house’s notoriety.

A Haunted Mystery

Despite the media frenzy, the identity and motive of the Watcher remain unknown. The Broaddus family, facing stress, fear, and financial losses, eventually sold the house in 2019 at a significant loss. The new owners, Andrew and Allison Carr, claimed to be unaffected by the Watcher and expressed contentment with their home.

The Watcher House still stands, capturing public attention and remaining a symbol of mystery and terror. With no further letters received since 2017, the Watcher’s true intentions remain elusive, turning the Watcher House into a haunting legend—one of the most peculiar and frightening places in New Jersey.

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