Two Strange Haunted Roads In California Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

California boasts numerous attractions, from iconic landmarks like the Hollywood sign to architectural marvels such as the Golden Gate Bridge. Yet, amid its celebrated sites, the state harbors enigmatic secrets that defy conventional understanding—two roads where gravity appears to behave unnaturally. These are Glen Helen Road in San Bernardino and Gravity Hill in Altadena, intriguing locales where objects seemingly roll against the expected downhill pull. In this blog, we delve into the mysteries shrouding these roads and how you can witness their peculiar phenomena firsthand.

Glen Helen Road: The Ghost Train

Glen Helen Road, famously dubbed Gravity Hill, traverses San Bernardino, crossing a railroad track entrenched in local lore. Legend has it that years ago, a circus train met a tragic fate here, claiming the lives of both animals and crew. Since that fateful incident, the spirits of the deceased supposedly linger, aiding any vehicle that halts on the track by propelling it uphill to safety. Some even attest to eerie nocturnal echoes of train whistles and animal cries.

To test this eerie occurrence, drive to the road, stop your vehicle on the track, and shift into neutral. Experience the uncanny sensation as your car seemingly defies gravity, moving uphill as if guided by unseen hands. You can also experiment by rolling objects like balls or bottles on the road, observing them ascend instead of descend. Several eyewitnesses have captured these perplexing events on video, offering glimpses of the inexplicable.

Gravity Hill: The Phantom Bicyclist

Gravity Hill resides in Altadena, intersecting with Little Mountain Road, and harbors its own spectral narrative. According to local legend, a bicyclist met his demise here while awaiting his beloved, his restless spirit lingering to assist stranded vehicles up the hill. Some claim to have witnessed a luminous apparition, purportedly the ghost of the ill-fated cyclist.

To partake in this mystifying experience, drive to the hill’s peak, halt your vehicle, and engage neutral. Surrender to the surreal sensation as your car inexplicably moves uphill, seemingly drawn by an unseen force. Experiment further by rolling various objects on the road, observing their defiance of gravity’s norm. Videos captured by intrepid witnesses offer compelling visual evidence of these anomalous occurrences.


Glen Helen Road and Gravity Hill stand as captivating enigmas within California, defying the laws of gravity and steeped in spectral legend. These roads beckon adventurers seeking thrills and mysteries beyond the ordinary. Should you dare to explore, prepare for a journey into the unknown, but exercise caution—these roads hold secrets that may surpass mere human understanding.

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