Two Strange Haunted Roads In Florida Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Florida, renowned for its sunny beaches, theme parks, and diverse wildlife, harbors a darker aspect rich in mysteries, legends, and ghostly tales. Amidst the myriad of haunted locales in the state, two roads emerge as notable for their eerie and paranormal occurrences: Spook Hill in Lake Wales and Mysterious Circle in Balm. These roads defy conventional understanding, where gravity appears to bend, and encounters with the supernatural are not uncommon.

Spook Hill: The Alligator’s Revenge

Nestled in Lake Wales, Spook Hill boasts a peculiar phenomenon. Should you park your vehicle at the base of the hill and shift into neutral, it defies gravity by rolling uphill, baffling visitors for generations and earning its eerie moniker.

The cause behind this defiance of physics is steeped in local lore, tracing back to an ancient conflict between a Native American chief and a colossal alligator. Legend has it that the chief valiantly battled the creature but met his demise, buried atop the hill. Conversely, the alligator, surviving, swore vengeance. Now, its spectral presence lingers, purportedly exerting force on any vehicle crossing its domain.

Mysterious Circle: The Alien Portal

In Balm lies Mysterious Circle, a road steeped in enigma. Said to be a gateway to another dimension, tales abound of encounters with extraterrestrial entities and otherworldly phenomena. Numerous drivers recount unsettling experiences:

  • Losing grasp of time and space, accompanied by disorientation.
  • Witnessing peculiar lights, orbs, or shadows in the sky or upon the road.
  • Hearing disembodied voices, whispers, or screams emanating from the void.
  • Sensing abrupt shifts in temperature, pressure, or humidity.
  • Encountering mechanical or electrical malfunctions in vehicles or devices.
  • Confronting creatures or entities beyond earthly comprehension.

Speculations regarding the cause range from magnetic anomalies and vortexes to wormholes. Some attribute these occurrences to paranormal or extraterrestrial influences, maintaining that Mysterious Circle serves as a portal to realms beyond.


Spook Hill and Mysterious Circle emerge as captivating and haunted roads, offering a unique adventure for the intrepid. Yet, they pose challenges and risks for the unprepared. Cloaked in mystery and fear, these roads beckon to those daring enough to explore their secrets, but caution against underestimating their power. They stand as testaments to Florida’s enduring allure, captivating both the curious and the courageous, while reminding all who tread upon them that some mysteries are best left untouched.

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