Two Strange Haunted Roads In New York Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

New York is a state brimming with marvels, ranging from the iconic landmarks of the Big Apple to the breathtaking beauty of the Adirondacks. However, it harbors hidden secrets—some defying the laws of nature and logic. Two roads, Buckout Road in White Plains and Spook Hill in Middlesex are renowned for their paranormal phenomena, where gravity appears to lose its grip on objects and vehicles. These mysterious and haunted roads leave visitors questioning their senses.

Buckout Road: America’s Most Haunted Road

Nestled in the woods of White Plains, Westchester County, Buckout Road is a narrow, winding path enveloped in legends and stories, earning it the title of the most haunted road in America. Among the eerie tales are:

  • A family of albino cannibals residing in a red house, preying on unsuspecting travelers.
  • Three witches burned at the stake in the 17th century, haunting the road, especially near a large oak tree.
  • A cemetery where headstones glow at night, and spirits rise from their graves.
  • A schoolhouse where a deranged teacher killed students, with their screams still echoing.
  • A bridge where a man hanged himself, and his ghost swings from the rope.

Most intriguing is the gravity hill, where cars seemingly roll uphill in neutral. The phenomenon sparks debates, with some attributing it to optical illusions and others proposing supernatural forces. Regardless, the gravity hill is a captivating and eerie phenomenon that draws thrill-seekers and the curious alike.

Spook Hill: Gravity-Defying Mystery

Situated in the Glades region near Canandaigua Lake, Spook Hill in Middlesex, Yates County, has earned its name as a gravity hill. Cars, bikes, balls, and even water defy gravity by rolling uphill when in neutral. Theories range from natural causes, like the Earth’s magnetic field, to paranormal explanations involving Native American spirits or a witch’s curse.

Spook Hill is not only a gravity hill but also a haunted site, with visitors reporting:

  • Orbs, mists, and flashes of light in the dark.
  • Voices, whispers, and laughter emanating from the woods or the air.
  • Shadows, figures, and apparitions moving across the road or fields.
  • Cold spots, gusts of wind, and temperature changes creating a chilling atmosphere.
  • Car troubles, such as engine failures and flat tires, preventing people from leaving.

Spook Hill stands as a place where the natural and supernatural intersect, offering a mysterious and spooky experience that challenges the laws of physics and logic.


New York boasts two peculiar haunted roads—Buckout Road in White Plains and Spook Hill in Middlesex—where gravity seems to lose its hold, and paranormal phenomena abound. These roads, filled with mystery and suspense, beckon the daring, but caution is advised, as the encounters may be beyond expectation. Are you brave enough to embrace the challenge?

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