Two Strange Haunted Roads In Texas Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Texas brims with history, culture, and scenic wonders, yet it also harbors its fair share of enigmas, folklore, and supernatural occurrences. Among these are Moeller Road in Electra and Goatman’s Bridge in Denton—two eerie thoroughfares where the laws of physics seem to falter, and where tales of spectral encounters abound.

Moeller Road: The Witch’s Bridge

Moeller Road, a rustic pathway traversing a bridge over the Wichita River in Electra, stands steeped in local legend. According to lore, this bridge hosts the spirit of a woman condemned for witchcraft during the 1800s. Accounts vary—some portray her as a town healer unjustly persecuted, while others paint her as the source of droughts and diseases plaguing the settlement.

Regardless of her backstory, locals speak of her vengeful specter lingering, manifesting in eerie ways. Visitors report hearing cries, laughter, or incantations echoing from the bridge at twilight. Some claim sightings of a spectral woman garbed in white or a hovering ball of flame. Yet, the most unsettling anomaly is the apparent defiance of gravity on the bridge. Park a vehicle in neutral, and it rolls uphill—an inexplicable phenomenon attributed to the witch’s lingering influence.

Goatman’s Bridge: The Goatman’s Lair

Spanning Hickory Creek in Denton, Goatman’s Bridge—named after local goat farmer Oscar Washburn—beckons with its dark history. Washburn, also known as the Goatman, met a tragic end in 1938 when white supremacists lynched him on the bridge. Legend has it that Washburn’s spirit, either vengeful or demonic, now haunts the area. Tales describe him as a half-goat, half-man monstrosity with glowing eyes and sinister intent.

Reports of hoofbeats, growls, and phantom screams emanate from the bridge and its environs, terrifying those who dare to traverse it after nightfall. Some even claim physical assaults by the Goatman himself. Another bizarre occurrence defying logic is observed atop the bridge—an eerie sensation as vehicles and objects seemingly move uphill, as if drawn by an unseen force.


Moeller Road and Goatman’s Bridge stand as Texas’ most notorious haunted locales, ensnaring the curious and daring alike. These sites, steeped in mystery and fear, beckon adventurers and paranormal enthusiasts seeking firsthand encounters with the supernatural. Yet, amid the allure lies a cautionary note—these roads, veiled in darkness and legend, may harbor perils far beyond the ordinary, challenging even the bravest souls.

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